The Other Side of Shadow

Welcome to yet another addition of my ever increasing websites. This site is all about me and my life, both past and present. I have been quite adventurous in my lifetime, considering my age.

Hi this is me, and welcome to my site.

I hope that you will stick around to get to know me a little better, and find out about my life's adventures, friends, interests and passions, past and present. I am sure you will find it interesting.

At the top of each page, just click on the place you wish to go and visit. When you have finished, please do not forget to sign the guestbook. Thanks...

If you do like this site enough to bookmark it or even just to re-visit at a later date, then please do. You are also most welcome to send in your favourite photos/pics, of your bikes, tattoos, and dogs.

Just send me an email with the photo in jpg, jpeg form together with a bit of info about the photo.

Then check back in a few days, to see your pic on the pages.

There are a few banner exchange links on a few of my pages within my site, (as well as a couple of voting banners - and I would love it if you could vote for this site!), so keep your eyes peeled, they do change regularly and you may miss out on a fantastic site. So look for them. Cheers!

This week's Music Background is "One Man's Dream".
You can suggest your favourite just email it to me.
The font I used in the creation of this site is called "Bimini" please click on the name to download it.

This site was designed and created by Shadow.
And was "jump-started" 15 January, 2002.